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Why it works:

  • Research based
  • Helps organise your learning
  • Study Timer
  • Coaching tip notifications
  • Task and Goal focused learning
  • Metacognition processing (thinking about your thinking)
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Benefits of the App:

Being successful means being organised, reflecting on your learning and having goals to aim at. This personalised app brings all these aspects together so you can be smart and successful in your learning.

Study coach helps you succeed by using tasks, goals and a calendar. During exams, we help you to reflect on your learning and apply it.

Through study tips and videos we coach you and teach you to use your brain well and motivate you in your learning. A study timer helps motivate and focus your brain whilst you learn.

Together we can help you succeed!

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Study Coach Features

The features on the app have been developed to help you become a successful learner. Using these features will help you get organised, work towards goals and be smart in your studies leading to better results and less stress.

  • Tasks Clarifying Tasks brings perspective to your learning. Tasks include homework, projects, assignments and revision. Enter your tasks easily and quickly.
  • Coaching Tips Tips include motivational quotes and insights on how your brain works. These are tailored to your personal calendar.
  • Goals Setting goals focuses your learning. We will ask you to write down some specific goals for the year and the term which you then evaluate.
  • Timer A common mistake is studying too long. Your brain can only focus for a short time. Set the timer to 20 or 30 min for focused study, then it will remind you to take a break and remind you again 10 min later to start working. Little and often gets the job done.
  • Reflection A chance to think about your thinking (metacognition). Each time you have an exam or assessment, the app will send you a notification and ask you to reflect on your learning. The app will remind you of these insights so you can improve the areas you went wrong, and carry on being amazing with what went well.
  • Calendar Get organised. Your learning needs organising. A calendar helps you do that. The calendar feature keeps all your studying and learning in one place.

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Successful Learning

The study coach app has been developed by successful learning.

At Successful Learning, we empower you to learn more effectively through the understanding of how we learn as individuals. We help you engage with your learning process and inspire you to succeed.

We do this through motivation, methods and memory. We utilise the latest scientific research to bring together your ability to attain, retain and apply information.

We offer courses and consultancy for successful learning and teaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Successful learning involves you being organised and reflecting on your learning. Study coach helps you do this using task, goals and a calendar. The other aspect of learning is using your brain to the best of its ability. Through the tips and videos we will teach you to use your brain well. This should all help focus and motivate you in your studies.
Much research has been done in the last few years on the importance of metacognition for motivation and success in learning. Metacognition is often referred to thinking about thinking and involves being able to plan, monitor and evaluate learning as well as having knowledge about how learning happens and what factors affect learning. For more specific information, please contact us.
This small charge is to enable us to keep developing great updates, resources and materials to help you with your studies.
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